Bob Settles

Game Designer

Scene It? Box Office Smash!

Scene It? Box Office Smash! is a movie trivia quiz game developed by Screenlife and Krome and published by Microsoft for Xbox 360. This sequel to Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action added team play over Xbox LIVE, new puzzle types, custom game modes (including Solo), and was the first retail title to feature Xbox LIVE Avatars.

I was the game's Design Director for Microsoft Game Studios. Building on the success of the original game, we concentrated both on bringing additional polish to the core experience and on adding new features that players and critics had been asking for.

  • I have found little to critique about in this review and with good cause since SIBOS is really a fantastic game, a great video game rendition of a board game and even better rendition of trivia than the original SI games provide. ... SIBOS truly is console board gaming at its finest. (GamingExcellence, 8.7/10, August 2009)
  • Like a great movie sequel, Scene It? Box Office Smash improves upon its predecessor in almost every way imaginable. (GameSpot, 8/10, November 2008)
  • Scene It? Box Office Smash is a worthy successor to the original title that was released just over a year ago. With improved visuals, solid sound, and improved gameplay including new modes, support for downloadable content, and a much needed addition of online play, this game is a more complete package than the first. (Game Boyz, 8/10)