Bob Settles

Game Designer

Men of Valor

Men of Valor is a military FPS developed by 2015 and published by Vivendi Universal Games for PC. Set during the Vietnam conflict, players take new recruit Dean Shephard and his squad of Marines through a series of missions based on actual military operations and environments.

I was the producer and team lead at 2015 for the PC port of this game from the simultaneously shipped Xbox version. For the port, our team added PC-exclusive levels and multiplayer modes, beefed up the visuals for high-end graphics cards, and rebalanced the gameplay for mouse/keyboard controls.

  • ... Much better than the Xbox incarnation, offering improvements in graphics, control and even slight AI improvements.  If you are thinking of picking up Men of Valor but were unsure of which version to get, then look no further than the PC game. (Gamezone, 8.8/10, October 2004)
  • Unsurprisingly, the PC version looks a damn sight better than the Xbox version, but no matter where you house Men of Valor, the game looks pretty good. (GameRevolution, November 2004)
  • Men of Valor is a notch better on the PC than Xbox, thanks to significantly better visuals ... (1UP, B, November 2004)