Bob Settles

Game Designer

Dungeon Siege II

Dungeon Siege II is a party-based fantasy RPG developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios for PC. In a world scarred by civil war in the generations that have passed since the original Dungeon Siege, players lead an elite battle party against the warlord Valdis and his Dark Wizard allies.

I was the game's Design Director for Microsoft Game Studios, working closely with the developers at Gas Powered Games and Microsoft's User Research department during the final development phase to polish and fine-tune the user experience. Several strategic elements were being added to the combat mechanics, and we worked hard to properly balance the new gameplay with the successful hack and slash combat of the original Dungeon Siege.

Dungeon Siege II was named Best RPG of 2005 by PC Gamer and PC RPG of the Year in the 2005 GameSpy Gamers' Choice Awards.

  • Dungeon Siege II is that rare sequel that rises above its predecessor in just about every way. (PC Gamer, 87/100)
  • Not only was I compelled to finish the game as an editor, I felt a compulsion to finish the game as a gamer. For me, it rekindled a sense of adventure I hadn't realized I'd been missing ... (IGN, 8.5/10, Editor's Choice Award, August 2005)
  • ... Dungeon Siege II is now undeniably one of the action RPG stars. It makes many, many welcome tweaks and improvements—far too many to list here—and is sure to thrill any action RPG fan. (GamePro, 4.5/5, August 2005)